Eccalon CEO, André Gudger, Joins Former Defense Officials by Signing Letter to Protect Active-duty Military Personnel and the Constitution

89 former defense officials call on the president to end plans to send active-duty military personnel into U.S. cities

Hanover, MD — June 8, 2020 — Eccalon CEO, André Gudger - former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy and the Director of the Office of Small Business Programs at the Department of Defense - joined nearly a hundred of his colleagues calling on the president to end his plans to send active-duty military personnel into U.S. cities as a police force.

These former defense leaders, spanning the entire political spectrum, believe that members of the U.S. military “must never be used to violate the rights of those they are sworn to protect.” The open letter, published in the Washington Post, condemns the president’s recent decision to employ military helicopters for “low-level passes over peaceful protesters” and to authorize the National Guard to use “flash-bang grenades, pepper spray, and… rubber bullets” on lawful protesters.

Using the military as a police force is “unnecessary” and “unwise,” according to these leaders, because it runs counter to the mission of the armed forces and risks diminishing Americans’ trust in their military.

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