Guided by trust, creativity, and adaptability, Eccalon advances breakthrough research and technology commercialization to improve the lives of today and to ignite the promise of tomorrow.

And by All Means, Be Persistent: How Eccalonians Advance Innovation

Every day as we enter Eccalon headquarters, we are encouraged to be our best selves – "Be Smart, Be Talented, and (by all means) Be Persistent." This motto prominently adorns our entrance as a reminder to embrace the power of persistence because, without it, we will not advance breakthrough research and technology to improve the lives today and to ignite the promise of tomorrow.

Apr 13, 2020 | Continue reading

Black Women (Not) in Tech: Rewriting an Outdated Social Code

At Eccalon, we live our creed, “We are one team, one Eccalon,” and from our internship program and career recruitment to our community outreach and executive leadership, we strive to ensure that the next Katherine Johnson and Mae Jemison work here.

Mar 20, 2020 | Continue reading