Eccalon’s global solutions are as comprehensive as they are innovative. With a proven record of success, our team thrives when solving problems with machine learning, cybersecurity, technology commercialization, DevSecOps, cloud modernization, software modernization, and consulting.

Doing a “lift and shift” of your application gets you to the cloud quickly, but it may end up costing more and being less performant than your current hosting solution. There are always cheaper solutions to reduce cost, but the best solution is to confront the real problem – most existing systems are monolithic in nature and depend on large single databases.

Eccalon's extensive experience in cloud-native development allows us to adapt traditional applications methodically into a modern microservice and serverless architecture. This new architecture reduces cost drastically and improves reliability, resilience, and performance.

Having a desired end-game without a strategy has been the frustration of many visionaries. Eccalon helps you avoid that frustration by adopting Sun Szu's mantra: "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory, and tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."​

We are perpetually anticipating challenges, while finding key trends and solutions to the most complex business questions to help you achieve the results your organization needs.

By helping you articulate the desired outcomes and map the necessary steps to achieve them, Eccalon will turn your hopes and dreams into ways and means.

We offer the capability to proactively assess cybersecurity risk by providing a full review and analysis of all the technologies, processes, policies, and people, while also ensuring that cybersecurity innovations keep pace with the complex and critical requirements of industries. Eccalon believes that every organization has unique information and security priorities, and works to ensure the most critical data and vulnerabilities are identified to reduce any risk of data loss or exposure.​

Eccalon’s impact-oriented approach delivers:​

  • A neutral, trusted cyber-physical based test bed accessible to government, industry, and academic partners to evaluate existing and future manufacturing technology for cybersecurity​
  • Experiential and online content tailored for the industrial use case focused on practical applications of cybersecurity hygiene within manufacturing plants and supply chains​
  • A formal mechanism for industry and government partners to share lessons learned and best practices to accelerate the creation and adoption of new cyber technologies

The mistake of many is to think of DevOps as a group of tools when, in fact, it is far more pervasive. At Eccalon, we believe DevOps is a state of mind that drives the entire software value stream.

The tooling and automation are integral in making it a reality, but unless your whole project/product team is embracing the mentality of modern DevOps principles and practices, you are missing the point.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) can be tricky in highly-regulated environments, which is why our team succeeds in this environment as evidenced by our record of achievement in the private and public sectors. We can effectively discern the correct automation strategies while maintaining security and compliance.

The inclusion of the “Sec” (security) early into the value stream is a major “shift left” in the practice of security analysis.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results has been said to be the definition of insanity. If your data analysis algorithms aren’t learning over time, then you are unfortunately following this pattern. ​

At Eccalon, we bring our deep knowledge of applying Machine Learning and the broader realm of AI -everything from Natural Language Processing to Computer Vision - to restore sanity to your data.

Using industry-standard tools, such as R, Python, Tensorflow, and Pytorch, as well as AWS ML services and custom algorithms, our data scientists and developers can analyze your ever-changing dataset, whether it is building a simple chatbot or a petabyte scale big data application.

Our team of software architects, engineers, and UI/UX designers deliver solutions via agile methodologies, lean architecture, and pragmatic engineering. We are guided by four core principles: Innovative Architecture, Adaptive Implementation, Operational Excellence, and Secure by Design.​

We are polyglot, by design, and don’t have one particular framework or language for our singular selection. This flexibility allows us to create and tailor software specifically for you.

Future-scanning drives everything Eccalon does. Through our strategic relationships with thought leaders in academia and our partnerships with industry, our product breakthroughs allow us to go further than ever before.

When we say we are committed to commercializing the 21st century, we mean just that. Eccalon seeks and acquires the most cutting edge and emerging technologies that are yet to be mainstream. By using our industry expertise and engaging our partners, we are first to discover the next marketplace-ready innovation.