Andre Gudger Eccalon President and CEOConsulting: We constantly seek new and creative ways to serve our clients by anticipating their future needs and encouraging our team to think outside of the box. By piloting new tools and capabilities, we enable our clients to generate and make better, faster decisions. We are perpetually finding key trends, challenges, and solutions to the most complex business questions to help you achieve the results your organization needs to succeed. Our focus areas include cybersecurity, data analytics, foreign investment and supply chains.

Private Equity: Eccalon uses its global network and deep industry knowledge to build and execute customized value plans for our corporate private equity, real asset, and technology investments. We invest in the aerospace, defense and government, cybersecurity, and heavy manufacturing industries.

Research and Development: R&D is at the core of everything that Eccalon does. We are constantly engaging our partners in academia and research institutions to ensure that our research continues to play a pivotal role in our ability to build products today that will make people’s lives better in the future. Through our strategic relationships with thought leaders in academia and universities to our partnerships with industry, our product breakthroughs will allow us to go further than ever before.

Commercialization: Eccalon goes beyond research and development. When we say we are committed to commercializing the 21st Century, we mean just that. Eccalon seeks and acquires the most cutting edge and emerging technologies that are yet to become a part of the mainstream. By using our industry expertise and engaging our partners in academia and research institutions, we are first to discover the next marketplace-ready innovation.

Cybersecurity: Eccalon is a leader in helping our clients prepare, protect, detect and respond against advanced cyber security threats. Our team is experienced in dealing with the world’s most advanced cyber security threats and has the technologies and talent needed to improve detection and response including in the most sensitive moments after a security breach has been identified.